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When it comes to concentrating on a task, some people find it more challenging than others. For adults with ADHD, this is a daily struggle that comes with many moments of frustration and can even lead to depression. In the app market, there are many tools for kids with ADHD, but very few are designed with adults in mind.

The main challenge of this project is improving the time management experience so they can have a better quality of life, make task achievements on time possible, and without adding stress. 
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Focally, a task organization timer app, designed specifically for adults with ADHD, helps users keep concentrated on the task at hand. A visually appealing timer that will also work with Beta and alpha frequency audios that help the mind tune out daily distractions.  

Although designed with adult users with ADHD with their specific needs in mind, it will also be easily applicable to users with autism, anxiety disorders, educator, students, and employees of all kinds of industries who need help focusing on tasks.




My research plan was divided into 3 parts: phone interviews with adults with ADHD in the community,  contacting adults from online ADHD forums, and a google form questionnaire. All questions were aimed to explore their personal struggles living with ADHD. The participant's ages ranged from 18 to 60 years old.
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Research findings: 

Based on these results, it showed that the adult ADHD population's main problem was keeping focused on a task that doesn't stimulate their dopamine levels or give them a feeling of excitement or novelty.  Factors that the subjects found helpful in trying to focus on were music, nature, and creating art. Most of them agree that it would be very beneficial for them to have a productivity tool that would keep them on task. 

Lucy, 37

  • Works as secretary (Full-time)

  • Is a Business Student (MBA)

  • She needs help focusing on tasks and better managing time with her studies and lectures.

  • Busy work/ study life

  • Not married but has a partner (no kids)

Laurel, 29

  • Mother of two kids

  • Realtor 

  • ADHD diagnosis at 25

  • Needs for focusing on work

  • Has anxiety and forgets to take breaks

  • Married

Miguel, 25

  • Art director at an Ad agency 

  • He needs help in organizing his task and better manages time.

  • Busy working life 

  • Single


User needs

A tool that provides:

  • Helpful audio the promotes concentration

  • Visually attractive tool: Help keep track of time. 

  • An organizer of tasks

  • Distraction Prevention: keep distracting apps off.


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To design a user-friendly tool that is designed for the ADHD adult that will keep the users concentrated on the task at hand and stress-free.

•The goal for business: Get users addicted to the feeling of productivity and stress-free time management. Users tend to share good experiences with friends and family and that's what Focally will give them, an experience of positive change in their way of living.
•The goal for users: Focus on the task at hand and make the best use of their time. 


Lo Fi Wireframes

Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 1.03.46 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-12 at 1.04.17 AM.png


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What to expect from this app?

•This will be an organization and productivity tool timer. It will help all its users keep concentrating on their task or activity with audio frequencies that will help the brain focus.
•The premium version will have a guided meditation audio playlist, a bigger variety of playlists with alpha and beta frequencies, exercise videos to keep the body moving and healthy, and daily productivity tips.

For a busy mind in this busy life needing a little help keeping themselves in check and on time. 

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•Organize daily tasks
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