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Working for ÍNDICE at GFR Media as a Creative Specialist Designer I was brought the challenge of finding a creative way to promote Starbucks' summer drink, Refreshers. I had to create a social media marketing campaign that had some shareable element that incentivized users to share the promotion with friends.


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Our target audience were people between the ages of 16 to 35 and the promotion would run in the months of June and July.


As the Creative Specialist, I was responsible for the strategy and creation of the promotion. 


After researching current trends and meetings with the client and my team. I decided that an elegant and fun solution to the problem was through gamification and promotional prizes via a lottery system. I created a game that visually promoted the Refresher within a summer environment and made users want to keep playing and share it with others as the game invited the user to challenge their friend to play so they can be eligible to participate for the prizes lottery. 

My team and I and prototyped and tested different visual design solutions. In our research, we asked where would people like to be while having a Refresher? The overwhelming majority of subjects said the beach. With this, we created a beautiful beach vista that the user would associate with the drink. 



The user had to find 10 different things between two almost identical pictures and mark them in the list that appears on the game page.

To make it challenging we added a timer and the best time they achieved would be the one shared in the Facebook post to their friends. The user had only two chances to try in 3 minutes. The post challenged the user friends to achieve a better time and to participate in the promotional prizes of the game.

The players with the best time would have a chance to win one of these 3 prices in the lottery system:

1st place: A refresher or your favorite Starbucks drink for a year (one per day).

2nd place: A refresher or your favorite Starbucks drink for 6 months (one per day). 

3rd place: Coffee break for 30 of your friends.  

To sweeten the incentive,  every player got a Starbucks coupon after sharing their post of "Buy one Refresher and get one free".  

starbuck game - fb- .jpg
starbuck game - fb- .jpg



After a couple more tests and feedback from the Test user and the Client, we launch the Summer Refreshers FB game promotion. The promotion was a success. The client and the users were very pleased with the result and the shareability action of the promotion. 

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