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As a designer, some proposals are approved, others stay as a maybe but this one is very dear to me. What are the client's needs? This proposal was for an event for high school students. Having in mind Playtex and Shicks as clients. The goal of this informative campaign was to promote good hygiene to the students. How do we do this? We wanted to change the “clichés' ' used to promote hygiene subjects to kids in ads and promotions. We wanted to inform them in a way they would feel familiar, comfortable, and even with a sense of humor. For the art direction style for this campaign, we chose to imitate the social media format (texting, emojis, Snapchat) to announce the change of their bodies. We wanted to showcase self-secure kids, so boys and girls would feel empowered by their changes and not embarrassed. The course of action included cover, print media, social media, Indice web, Infographics, and a promotional school tour about hygiene and the changes they were going through.

Results: The client was interested in the initiative, but the timing at the moment wasn’t right for them.

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