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What where’d the clients need?
This initiative involved two brands ÍNDICE and Dove.

As a creative, I have to develop ways to promote the variety that the product (ÍNDICE) has. For Valentine, one of the ideas was to help a couple get engaged in a memorable way. How do we do this? We contacted a brand that we thought might be interested in this initiative for February 14, and we found Dove. This project involves logistics. We made a call in social media, especially on Facebook to a person that needed help in his or her proposal. We received a different request, but we found a guy whose story stole our heart, and the girl’s name was Valerie. We decided to name the whole campaign:” Valerie Marry Me”. We made the cover of the newspaper with the request “Valerie Marry Me” so he would be in the traffic light delivering the newspaper personally to her. The newspaper would have their love story in it. The project had 360º media coverage of the event. It was promoted on billboards, TV programs, ÍNDICE web, and of course the print. IT was Valentine's True love story for our viewers.

P.S. She said YES!

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