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How would you like your name to be on the newspaper cover? 

Going through this question was a key part of doing this project. Following the Coca-Cola campaign of cans and bottles with names, we had the challenge of creating an initiative equally innovating for print media. Something that in GFR Media newspaper history has never been done. Our final result gave us a new opportunity in the way we do ads. The idea was to have several covers with different names just like Coca-Cola’s personalized can campaign did. The idea was a success, people were looking for their names in ÍNDICE’s newspaper covers. In social media like Facebook, people would post their names and those that were rare, that would never make it in, we send them a personalized cover with their name to use for their Facebook profile. This initiative covered, print, billboards, and social media. This paves the way for future possibilities in commercial print ads and products. Overall the Coca-cola campaign obtains a total of 911 like and 90,000 views on that day. 
My input in the project was to solve the puzzle of taking the campaign created by the Ad agency, present them an original solution for them using the platform of the digital and print medium creatively. It was team coordination that I'm very proud to be part of.

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